1xBet Login 2023

In this article, we explain the 1xBet login process. After you successfully complete the 1xbet register account process, you must enter your email, as well as the password of your new account. This will be the data used to perform the login function. At the time of your first x1 bet login, you can check the box ‘Remember me’ in the 1xBet login form to allow the system to remember your login data. Your subsequent 1xBet login to the account will happen automatically.

How to Login to Your 1xBet Account?

The 1xBet login process involves a few easy and simple steps. In this section, we walk you through the process:

  • Visit the bookmaker’s website
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button at the top right-hand side of the home page which acts as the 1xBet login link
1xBet Account
  • Enter your email or ID and password
  • Tick the box marked ‘Remember’ to facilitate automatic 1xBet website login in the future
  • Click on ‘Log in’
1xBet Login

How to Login in 1xBet App?

The 1xBet app login process is just as easy as logging in via the desktop site. We list the easy and simple steps you can use to login to your sportsbook account via the bookmaker’s app:

  1. Open your app on your mobile device
  2. Click on the drop-down menu at the top left-hand side
  3. On the menu, click on the first item labelled Authorisation
  4. On the next screen, enter your email, ID or username as well as your password
  5. Click on 1xBet login mobile

Why Can’t I Login to My 1xBet Account?

In this section, we look at some problems you may occasionally encounter when you try to do a 1xBet login. We suggest ways you can retrieve your account if the 1xBet login fails for any reason.

1xBet has blocked your account

This is a very common 1xBet login problem. Like any other bookmaker, this sportsbook operator has its own terms and conditions. At the time of registration, a user has to agree to abide by the rules and regulations by agreeing to the terms and conditions. If the user violates the user agreement in any way, the bookmaker may freeze or cancel the account. Alternately, the sportsbook operator may choose to block the account for an indefinite period of time. 

The account may have been blocked for one of several reasons:

  1. Betting on a fraudulent transaction such as match-fixing
  2. Using a bookmaker’s office for money laundering
  3. Registering more than one account
  4. Using cheats, schemes and strategies for games
  5. Using a common IP address along with many other players

Solution: Once you receive a message from the bookmaker that your account has been blocked, wait for a while and try to log in. If you are not able to complete the 1xBet login, 24 hours after the blocking, contact customer support. Write to the support staff at info @1xBet-team.com. State your case and try to prove that you are innocent of any violation of the bookmaker’s terms and conditions. In the letter, you must provide your gaming account ID, a copy of the first page of your passport, and proof of innocence.

Website not available in your country

This is a common reason why some users may not be able to complete the 1xBet login. The bookmaker is in the process of expanding its reach across the world and is in the process of obtaining licenses to operate in various countries. 

Though you can do a 1xBet login IN, you may encounter this problem if you are travelling in a country where the sportsbook operator is not licensed. In such cases, you will not be able to access the site or even use the mirror links provided.

Solution: The 1xBet website login may not be possible in certain countries where the bookmaker is not licensed to operate. Your IP address reveals which country you are trying to log in from. So the solution is to change your IP address which can be accomplished by using what is called a VPN. A VPN is a program you can use to change the location of your IP. 

You can try one of two options: (a) Download a VPN app, or (b) Download a browser such as Opera that has a VPN integrated within it.

Offers for Registered Players at 1xBet

The bookmaker makes offers for the benefit of existing account holders from time to time. However, these are not available right now. 

Currently, there are welcome offers for new users of both the sportsbook as well as the casino in our Review. The operator’s exclusive offer for new sportsbook users is a 130% match deposit bonus offer of up to INR 26000. The bookmaker’s casino offer is a 100% match deposit offer of up to EURO 1950 plus 150 free spins. 

New users can use the bonus code PROMOIN to opt-in for one of the two bonuses while registering to create an account.


In this section, we consider some commonly asked questions and provide answers:

Why is 1xBet not opening?

If the operator’s website is not opening, there may be several reasons to explain it. For instance, there may be a proxy error. In other words, you may not be able to connect with the website’s proxy server, or your proxy settings may be configured incorrectly, hereby accounting for a failed 1xBet login attempt. You can reset the parameters and log in again. 
Some other reasons why the website is not opening could include poor internet speed, lack of free memory on your mobile phone or device, or a failed attempt to connect to an old version of the bookmaker’s app.

How to login to 1xBet without Google Authenticator? 

The sportsbook operator has recently introduced two-factor authentication for user login. This is an additional layer of protection to the existing login info. You can disable the Google Authenticator code for 1xBet by opening the security settings and clicking on two-factor authentication. 
Enter the secure key received by you when enabling the 2-factor authentication, and click on the button marked “disable.” Thereafter, you will be able to complete a successful 1xBet login, without the Google authenticator.

Why 1xBet blocks working accounts?

The operator blocks accounts of users who violate the user agreement that they accepted at the time of registration. Such an account may be cancelled or frozen. The bookmaker may also choose to block the account forever. In all such cases, your 1xBet login attempt is bound to fail.